Be Accountable

The third pillar of Happy Living is Be Accountable. 


Being accountable means that you claim your own actions.  You can articulate the reason behind them and you take responsibility for their outcome. 


Accountability is not exactly something that is given to you but something that you must take on yourself.

How much of your success in life, love and your health do you think you’re actually accountable for? Do your decisions, your actions, your behaviors contribute? 


You already have the ability to be 100% responsible for your life. Each and every one of us does! Yet most of us either don’t realize that truth (or don’t admit) that we hold the power to manage and create the lives that we dream of.


So, what if accountability is more than an innate ability but a skill-set that you can learn and master?


Take responsibility: Responsibility is a way of thinking and being. When you’re responsible, you believe that success or failure is in your own hands; it’s up to you.  Even if you are blind-sided by unforeseen circumstances, you are still the master of your own fate. Own your commitment!


Don’t make excuses: It’s easy to claim responsibility when things work out the way you planned but it’s really hard when they don’t. Accept responsibility either way and then do what it takes to make it right.


Do what you say you will do: “You are what you do, not what you say you will do.” CG Jung Doing what you say you’ll do is a trait of successful people, increases credibility, fosters goodwill and opens doors for opportunity.


Control your destiny: Proper planning and a positive attitude can help you succeed in nearly any situation.

Manage expectations: Be clear about expectations—not only what you expect, but also what’s expected of you and when necessary set a reasonable time frame. 


Collaborate:  You’re not in this alone!  Ask for help.  Recruiting help is a smart and healthy solution to avoid overwhelm, increase flexibility in your schedule, gives you more free time and can keep you from falling short in the accountability department.


Accountability is a part of your life that you can’t ignore.  Many of us are accountable to everyone and everything and ignore the most important person whom we should be accountable.  Ourselves!  I urge you to be accountable to yourself, true to yourself, honest with yourself and never give up on yourself.  When you are accountable to yourself first you can be accountable to your family, work, and your community.

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