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#Dream of living in a real life castle?

Chateau Pape Clement

I don't know about you but I've alwasy thought that I was a Princess. Mark calls me the "Princess of Planning" which isn't exactly what I had imagined as a child but Princess it is! And Princesses live in castles, right? And Yes, I did. At least for one week last Spring. The coolest part was upon our arrival at Chateau Pape Clement in #Bordeaux, France they literally handed me a key to the front door ! Yep, I had the key to the castle. literally!

“Wine is bottled poetry” Robert Louis Stevenson

Our week at Chapteau Pape Clemente is one of those Once in a Liftime Trips that you always Dream of but never really think you will take. Let me say this to you now. Take the trip. Dont wait! Bordeaux is even better that you can appreciate until you go there. Its beautiful, romantic, historic and boy do they have great wine!

We happened to be in Bordeaux for my birthday. It wasn't exactly planned that way but just a few daysbefore we were in England for family wedding. We were just a hop, skip and jump away so planning our trip to England morphed into England AND Bordeux. let just say that there is nothing more romantic than being in France. In the spring. On your BIRTHDAY!

The city of Bordeaux tself is known for its Gothic Cathédrale Saint-André, 18th- to 19th-century mansions and notable art museums such. Its also home to the worlds greatest wine museum, the Cite du Vin wine Museum. For a quick education check it out before you start your wine tours.

You can't enjoy great wine without great food! The shops and markets are full of the most melt in your mouth cheeses and warm crusty breads. It may be cliche' but its is delish!

Beautiful public gardens line the curving river quays. Its an amazing old city with many windy streets where you can get lost in time or simply lose track of time.

While there are a few amazing wineries within Bordeaux city limits most of them are located in the towns of Saint Emilion, Margeaux, and Pauillac ( there are a few others) which are approximately a 45-50 minute drive north of the city itself. The drive is easy so I suggest renting a car.

The prime time to go is between June and August but that’s when most French and other Europeans visit Bordeaux so it can get busy. For fewer crowds and better rates, book in the late Spring or Fall.

Its worth noting that in September, the vinyards start doing their harvests, and some don’t allow visitors at that time. Sacre Bleu! Our trip was late April just after the professional tasting of the new vintages so a few of the well known estates were not open then either. With a little research and a good travel agent you can still find wineries that will accommodate.

There are many beautifl places to stay in Bordeaux and plenty of hotels. Your #vacation experience will be much richer by staying in one of the many chateaus now open as bed and breakfasts. The prices are reasonable, the ambiance exquisite and the service impecable.

The Château Pape Clément, where we stayed has 5 exceptional suites each intimate and diverse in their historic charm. You will feel like a princess or a prince by the attention paid to you by the butler. I may be a little biased but I recommend checking it out.

Au Revoire!

PS: There wine is really good, too!

Here's a link to Chateau Pape Clement.



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