Develop your imagination-you can use it to create in your mind what you hope to create in your life.-Stephen Covey

With My Dream Life group Program, you get all of the same amazing Dream Building content, exercises as the  1:1 program with the added benefits of encouragement and support from others going on their own journey to create the life that they would love to live! 


My Dream Life teaches you how to use the full power of your imagination to manifest your dreams. You'll discover, develop, and then harness the dreams of your own heart so that you can absolutely create and live a life that you love living. Whether you have a dream already, or you are in the beginning phases of creating a dream for your life, know that you are in the right place.


The principles and tools that are contained in this thought-provoking, action taking program have been tested and proven to work by thousands of “Dream Builders” just like you. 


What we’ll cover:


  1. The Big Dream: We begin the 8-week program delving deeper into the possibilities. Give yourself space to imagine the possibilities if what you would love for every area of your life, no matter what the current circumstances are. Shift your thinking to connect with your dreams and begin to accept those thoughts and ideas as true possibilities in your life! The next step, of course, is to test those dreams.

  2. Perception Shift: the second step on your journey is to fully realize why you are worthy of your dream and why you deserve to live the life you absolutely love living! Release old patterns of thinking and shift your perception of yourself improves self-image and liberate yourself from limiting paradigms.

  3. Tune into Abundance: step three is Tuning into abundance.  Wayne Dyer said, “Abundance isn’t something we acquire, Its something we tune into”. We attract what we focus on. Tune into abundance and away from what is lacking in our lives.

  4. Give to Gain: step 4 is the law of circulation or generosity.  In order to receive more love, Appreciation, money, etc. in any area of life we must be willing to give. When we connect to the feeling or vibration of appreciation we attract more of it. Like attracts like.

  5. Liberation through Forgiveness: Step 5 gives additional focus more forgiveness and how forgiveness helps us release fears, objections and negative thoughts that keep us stuck.

  6. Intuition: Step 6 Learning to recognize and listen to your intuition on a regular basis. Accept and acquire the willingness to listen will increase your ability to distinguish between ideas that will keep you in your comfort zone and others that will move you forward

  7. Change the channel: Step 7 If you’re always watching the same channel you get the same message. In this step we learn how to change the channel of your thinking which helps generate new ideas, let go of the worry, release feelings of doubt, answers questions to challenges and keeps the focus on the dream.

  8. Celebrate : Harvesting may sound like an end, however, it's only the beginning. Whom you become as a result of building one dream facilitates the creation of bigger dreams and life of amplified awareness.  You are creating and living your life’s purpose.




               I've learned more & appreciated more. I have made so much progress

            in my personal life, career, relationships and I am inspired to continue to grow. 

                                                                                                                      -Lisa P.


          This program has changed my life! I've been successful but I learned that there was so

much more out there for me to reach.  The structure and visualization process has made

things so much clearer to me!

                                                                                                                       -Cindy B.




What can you expect

100% confidentiality and steadfast support!  I will be your cheerleader, your coach, and honest friend. I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear.   Nor will I solve your problems for you.   I know the evocative questions to ask, and I listen and guide you to connect to the answers already within you.  


What's Included:

  • Eight, 60-minute Zoom sessions for  $797 

  • Weekly Action Guides

  • Assignments,

  • Accountability partner,

  • Facebook Group, 

  • Email access  Monday through Friday to which I will respond within 48 hours.


Sessions are scheduled for the same time each week (check the schedule for actual dates)  and are recorded if you are unable to join live. 


Dream Builder Group Program is offered twice a year, in the Spring and the Fall.   I am thrilled for what is in store for your future because this works.   The group programs fill up fast so all you need to do now is email me or Schedule here for a complimentary 60-minute session via phone or Zoom chat.   








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