Eat Real Food

Are you ready to improve your health? Let’s be real. You’re not actually walking around saying, “I need to improve my health.” But, you’re probably saying things like, “I don’t feel good. I’m tired. I’m out of shape.” How often have you said to yourself “I need to lose a few pounds or I’m Fat.”?


Why do you feel this way? It’s because you’re SAD (Standard American Diet). You’ve heard about it, right?  But do you really know what it is?


SAD a diet (ie: what you eat) full of red meat, dairy foods, processed foods, cold cuts, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, preservatives, and lots of white starchy carbs which actually dull your taste buds.  So, when you eat a carrot or a strawberry, they don’t taste so good.


SAD is void in vegetables, fruit, beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, poultry and fish.


SAD causes us to gain weight, feel crappy and to be exposed to diseases that we shouldn’t be exposed to until we were much older.


Do you remember the 1990s’ low fat craze? At the time, we thought fat made us fat so reducing fat correlated to a healthy diet.  And if you’re reducing fat you have to increase carbs.  The food guidelines actually suggested whole grains, fruits and vegetables but we all heard MORE CARBS. 


And the food companies went crazy!


They removed the fat and added sugar, salt, fillers, and preservatives.


What do those preservatives, fillers, and extra sugar do? They absolutely wreak havoc on your body! It thinks they are a foreign substance, which they are, attacks them and causes inflammation inside your body.


It is common knowledge that inflammation causes a number of diseases.


So, what do we REALLY need to do to feel better, get more energy, and lose weight? That’s a good question so I Googled it. There are 29 million 200 thousand different thoughts about how to lose weight.  Reading the top five you’ll be completely confused with the contradictory information.


So, I’ll make it easy for you, in three words:


Eat Real Foods!


Yep. That’s it. Sounds too simple to be true, right? But it is true. Why do we always try to make things more difficult than they need to be? We don’t need to. Here are just a couple of benefits of eating real foods:


  1. You feel better

  2. You look better

  3. Have more energy

  4. Takes your focus off dieting.


Real foods; fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts seeds, lean meat and fish are full of vitamins and minerals essential for optimal health meaning you’re body needs them.  

You’ll feel healthier and have more energy.


Real Foods are higher in fiber which keeps you fuller longer, so you’re not running around hungry and craving things that you wouldn’t normally crave if you were eating real food.


Real Foods take the focus off of dieting. Nobody likes to diet. Nobody likes to calorie count and eliminate full food groups or basically starve themselves. With Real Food you don’t need to diet!


Real Food also costs less and you get a greater variety than anything in a box.


Finally, and most important Real Food tastes GREAT!

Eat Real Food Explained

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