Hi, I’m Denise Stegall . I help guide savvy women 40+ build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer more fulfilling lives.

I motivate women to come out of their shell and see life in a new way by empowering them to optimize their health, supporting them to find balance and inspiring them to love the life they live.

If we are just meeting, let me tell you a little about myself.

I was a high school and college athlete.  One of those annoying girls who could eat anything and not gain any weight. I remember wanting to donate to a school blood drive but wasn’t allowed because I didn’t weigh enough. REALLY!


As the years went by I struggled to balance work, a personal life and staying fit and healthy. I was working (a lot), dating, spending time with my family and trying to be everything to everyone. 


It was exhausting!


A few years subsequent to getting married my focus turned to get pregnant.  We wanted to start a family.  After several years of “trying” and 2 failed IVF’s I was emotional, trapped in a negative mindset which I kept within myself so no one would ever know I was struggling.  AND I was fat.  Yep. FAT! Hormones, stress and emotional eating caused me to pack on a lot of weight.  I remember the day when my aunt told me, jokingly that I was getting a “big bum”.


After the decision not to continue down that path I journeyed down another.  One filled with diets, deprivation, shakes and programs that promised the moon but delivered only dust.  I endlessly searched the internet for the magic pill that would help me lose the weight and feel good about myself again.


Does this sound familiar?


So, what did I do?


I embarked on a personal journey to create a happy healthy life by eating real food, making good decisions and be accountable.


I am fascinated with the renaissance in healthy food leading me to attend classes at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, New Orleans Cooking Experience and the Rouxbe.com professional plant-based cooking course.


Over the last 10 years I have learned from experts in nutrition, cooking, fitness, mind/body connection, dream building, goal setting, organization, aromatherapy, mindset, mindfulness and functional medicine.

Using all of these tools myself I have created the life I love! 


Now, my training, experience and intuition can help you see that the dreams and desires you have can be your new reality!  The things you have been waiting for, hoping for, dreaming about are all there for you.


You just have to go out and get them!


Are you ready to love the life live?


I would love to hear your story…….let’s sit and have tea!

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Three generations of women



  • BS Hotel Restaurant Management & Institutional management from PSU

  • Health Coach Certification: Mc Donald Center for Obesity Prevention, Villanova University

  • Health coach certification: Dr. Sears Wellness Institute 

  • Professional Plant Based Certification: Rouxbe.com Cooking School

  • Eat to Perform Certification

  • Center For Massage Therapy: Certified Massage Therapist




  • Myokinesthetic System Course

  • Cross Country Education: Program: Dynamic Stretching: The Missing link to Fitness

  • Pace Club


  • Road to a New You Life: A year-long guided journey into the midlife 



American College of Lifestyle Medicine

National Wellness Institute






Rochester, MN
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