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Eat This, Not That for Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving, don't you! Family and friends gathered around a table full of cakes, cookies, pies, turkey, potatoes, caseroles and dressing. I'm stuffed just thinking about it!

Thanksgiving is intended to be a day for giving thanks, yet we've made into a day for pigging out! At no other time of the year do we spend days preparing for a meal that will be scarfed down in 15 minutes.

Here's a fun fact, according to the Calorie Control Council, there is really such a thing, we may eat more than 4,500 calories at Thanksgiving dinner. OMG! That's 2000-2500 additional calories that is recommended per day. Seriously, that's absurd!

How is that even possible?

Consider the green bean. Simple, tender, crunchy they are nutritious and good for you! They provide vitamins and minerals including: calcium, vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and vitamin B6 just t name a few. All fora mere 31 calories a serving.

What we do to that innocent green bean on Thanksgiving is a crime. We take those beautiful beans smother them in gloppy creamy soup, milk and fried onions making them unrecognizable. All those ingredients add up to a whole lot of extra calories. In the classic French’s Fried Onions recipe, a one-cup serving has 142 calories and 8 grams of fat— and that’s without seconds! Think about it, all those extra clories and you havent even gotten to the good stuff, yet!

Let's rethink our Thanksgiving menu, revamp some of those family favorites and make this a thinner Thanksgiving.

To help you out my November's blog is dedicated to "Eat This, Not That for Thanskgiving".

Every Tuesday and Tursday until Turkey Day I'll send you a healthy swap for your Thanksgiving feast.

Eat This: Lemon Garlic Greenbeans.

NoT That: Green Bean Casserole

Here's the recipe for the Lemon Garlic Greenbeans: Download Your Recipe Here!

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