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Eat This, Not That for Thanksgiving: "Heart-stoppers"

My Aunt Patty makes the most INCREDIBLE mashed potatoes. We call them heart stoppers. Not because they are so delicious (although they are) but because the butter, sour cream and cheddar cheese she adds can literally give you a coronary!

On most Thanksgiving tables the turkey is the focus of the meal. Turkey-schmurkey! The mashed potatoes at my Aunts house are the “piece de resistance”. No one can resist them!

For most of us mashed potatoes are a must have for Thanksgiving. A typical 1 cup serving with a pat of butter and a bit of milk is about 200 calories. Add anything extra and you’re just piling on the calories.

In the case of the heart stoppers I’ve estimated them to about 300 calories a serving. And, I’ll be honest. I know I’ve gone back for seconds. OMG, just thinking about that I can feel my arteries closing! Let me put this into better perspective calorie wise. A 4 oz. serving of turkey breast is only about 150 calories. That’s’ half the calories!

Counting calories or watching your waist on Thanksgiving is nearly impossible. We’ve doctored the traditional recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and morphed them into something they were not intended to be. Fattening and unhealthy!

Food should nourish the body and give it the vitamins and minerals it requires to function properly. After a big Thanksgiving meal most of aren’t functioning. We’re in a food coma!

So, for todays Eat This, Not That or Thanksgiving I’ve taken my Aunt Patty's heart stoppers, that are absolutely to die for (not in the literal sense) and lightened them up without taking away the yummy creaminess. This recipe is about 165 calories per serving. Swap this healthy recipe out with the old one. No one will know. And I won't tell!

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