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Eat This, Not That for Thanksgiving: Turkey Stuffed Mushrooms and Mandarin Cranberry Chutney

Hey there Healthy, Happy Hipsters!

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving!

It's not too late to add a few more items to your last minute grocery list for tomorrows Thanksgiving feast. I've got two awesome &simple recipes that you are absolutely going to L-O-V-E!

I don't know about you but my favorite part of any meal is the appetizer. Make that plural, appetizers ! On Thanksgiving I can pass up the turkey and stuffing in a heart beat if there are really good appetizers on the menu.

The trouble with most appetizers is they are very rich , heavy and full of calories. It must be really bad because I couldn't get a straight answer on the actual number from Google and then my computer got hacked and is now FUBAR. So, I apologize for the delay in today's message.

Anyway... back to the good stuff. I stopped eating spinach artichoke dip years ago when I found this recipe for turkey stuffed mushrooms. Less carbs! One can make "Spin" dip as we say in the restaurant business with fewer calories but you still need to dip something it it. Usually its bread or crackers which simply negates the idea of making a "skinny" dip (LOL!). Not to mention the added carbs.

This year bypass the dips, chips , crackers and bread and serve these delicious little nibbles. They have protein in them so they are satiating and you'll eat fewer of them.

Eat This: Turkey Stuffed Mushrooms

Not That: Spinach Artichoke Dip

I have never understood why we go crazy all day making dishes from scratch for Thanksgiving only to serve it with a cheap can of canned cranberry sauce. It's more like a goo than a sauce. As sauce is liquid this stuff is congealed red glop. It even keeps the shape of the can it had been stored in.

We can do better!

This is a recipe for Mandarin Cranberry Chutney is from my friend, Sheree Clark of Fork in the Road. It's a raw dish so you don't have to waste space on the stove for it and its so easy any non-cook could do this one proud! I made a few changes but its quite true to her original recipe.

Eat This: Mandarin Cranberry Chutney

Not That: That Canned Cranberry Stuff

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

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